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Plumbing Service | XIAOHAO Entreprise | Johor Bahru

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Talent: Tan Chee How Gender: Male Contact no. : 011-60531576 Date of Joined Talent X: 04.Dec.2019 Service Coverage: Johor Bahru

1. Investigate and identify the plumbing condition. 调查并确认水管状况。

2. Provide the consultant and suggested solution for the plumbing issue.为水管问题提供有效的解决方案。

3. Provide quotation with reasonable price.提供合理的报价。

4. Start repair and maintenance based on customer requirement. 根据客户要求进行维修和保养。

5. Service complete with receive payment. 服务完成与收到付款。

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Plumbing Service and Maintenance Johor Bahru

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XIAOHAO Entreprise Plumbing Service: 011-6053 1576 (Whatsapp)