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Home Cleaning Service | The Clean 定制管家

Service Coverage: Johor Bahru Area

Booking Now:

1. Apartment Cleaning Package 公寓清洁配套

2. Double Storey Cleaning Package 双层排楼清洁配套

3. Single Storey Cleaning Package 单层排屋配套

The Clean 定制管家 breaks through the traditional thinking, subverts the common people's perception of cleaning service, and reforms the standards in the cleaning field.

The Clean 定制管家 provide the cleaning service based on customers requirement, and our staff are all called butler, which is the origin of customized butler (定制管家).

Cleaning Services coverage include:

1. Normal House Cleaning 日常居家打扫

2. Office Cleaning 办公室清洁

3. Regular Cleaning 定期打扫配套

4. Move in Cleaning 入住前打扫

5. After / Before Renovation 装修前后打扫

*Please direct contact to the Talent if you want to book the service that current unavailable in Talent X Pro Service Solution

Our service experience package Included: 1. Vacuum 吸地 2. Mop 抹地 3. Wash Toilet 清理厕所 4. Clean Kitchen 清理厨房 5. Clean Furniture Dust 家具灰尘清理

Add-On Services:

1. We provide customised cleaning services based on customer requirement. *Please direct contact to the Talent if you want to find the service package that current unavailable in Talent X Pro Service Solution.

Our Benefit: 1. No Time Limit, our housekeeper will perform the duty until customer satisfaction. 没有时间限制,我们的管家将履行职责,直到客户满意。

2. The cleaning service based on the customer requirement. 根据客户要求提供专业清洁服务。

3. A proper cleaning procedure to perform as professional cleaning solution. 我们有一个有效的清洗程序来执行专业的清洁方案。

4. We prepare the cleaning equipment and ingredient 我们准备了所有的清洗设备和清洁剂

5. We provide more customised cleaning services to fulfil customer requirement, if customer has any additional requirement please contact Talent directly at the information above. 我们提供更多的清洁服务,以满足客户的要求,如果客户有任何额外的要求,请直接联系Talent。

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Welcoming for any enquiry:

The Clean 定制管家 Cleaning Service: 018-2331668 (Whatsapp)