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Step 01

Log in talent X id

Sign up and sign as Talent X member to booking the service 

Step 02

Search the Services

Look for the service based on your requirement in the search bar. 

Step 03

select the service

Click learn more for the service information. Find the service that match your requirement.

Step 04

Select the available date and time

Select the date and time that you need this service deliver. Reschedule is available.

Step 05

select the payment method

Choose your payment method either online payment or cash on delivery

Step 06

add your service into google calendar

Remember to add your appointment in the calendar. The system will remind you.

Step 07

Talent will contact you for more information

If there has issue related to the appointment. The talent will direct contact to customer.

Step 08

talent delivers service based on customer enquiry

The talent will deliver the service on time to the specific location.

Step 09

service complete

Remember give our talent a good comment and rating after you experienced the service